These were the best steaks I have ever bought!

I bought New York Strips for Mother's Day Dinner. My husband grilled most of them Rare to Medium. Mine was Medium well. All were so tender. My son cut his Medium Rare steak with a table knife. Even microwaving my leftover today it was still tender. These were the best steaks I have ever bought. Won't be my last. - Janet S. 

Family Owned - Local - USDA - Kentucky Proud

We want to thank everyone who took the time to attend our official Chamber of Commerce Ribbon cutting.  It is great to be a part of our local community and see a dream realized with our family and friends.  Together we will bring families to the table with All Natural beef and pork and we want to thank you for your support! 

Roast Anyone?

The best select cuts of roasts you will ever have and locally raised right here in Hopkins County Kentucky by farmers that know BEEF!  100% guaranteed that you will love it or your money back and that's how you'll discover how amazing Rooster's Beef really is.  Try it and you will never look back at any other beef again. 

The roasts are amazing!!!!  Look at the color and texture of this rump roast.

Beef Burgers Anyone

Beef Burgers for supper anyone? Call us to schedule getting yours (or steaks, chops, and any of our other cuts. We even have a grilling bundle put together for your convenience.

Our Story

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Rooster's Beef ultimately began with our family farm -Rocky Bluff Farm - now owned by William and Becky Slaton. It is the cattle producer for our beef sold. The farm is named after two Natural Rock Formations on our property. We have several acres of pasture and including some wooded acres. With rotational grazing and intense management, we are able to have about 60 brood cows, 15 to 20 replacement heifers and our freezer beefs to be fed out. We run 4 bulls and AI our entire herd-including replacement heifers. We also rent ground to raise and put up our own hay.  

William and his father JW (Rooster was his nickname), had farmed together since William was about 15 years old. Their focus was on raising Angus Cattle and their own hay.  In the early 90's they raised and showed Angus Cattle locally and out of state.  Over the years those animals turned in to the base of our cow/calf operation.  Rooster's health declined over the years and William assumed more responsibility until he was essentially managing the farm with Rooster's vocal input only.   

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We will be back again - and again!

The ground beef was very tasty and very little grease came off of it. The rib-eyes were restaurant quality and we loved them! Excellent quality meat and we will be buying from them again!!! Rooster's Beef Fan Savanna Young, Facebook Review of Rooster's Ground & Rib-eye Beef

WOW. It was fabulous beef!

The lean ground beef was fabulous! I used it to make my unstuffed cabbage roll soup, and didn't have to drain any grease; plus it tastes great! Carolyn even delivered to my work, which was super convenient! Highly recommend this company!  Beth Mitchell

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You're Going to Love It!
100% Money Back Guarantee!