These were the best steaks I have ever bought!

I bought New York Strips for Mother's Day Dinner. My husband grilled most of them Rare to Medium. Mine was Medium well. All were so tender. My son cut his Medium Rare steak with a table knife. Even microwaving my leftover today it was still tender. These were the best steaks I have ever bought. Won't be my last. - Janet S. 

We will be back again - and again!

The ground beef was very tasty and very little grease came off of it. The rib-eyes were restaurant quality and we loved them! Excellent quality meat and we will be buying from them again!!! Rooster's Beef Fan Savanna Young, Facebook Review of Rooster's Ground & Rib-eye Beef

WOW. It was fabulous beef!

The lean ground beef was fabulous! I used it to make my unstuffed cabbage roll soup, and didn't have to drain any grease; plus it tastes great! Carolyn even delivered to my work, which was super convenient! Highly recommend this company!  Beth Mitchell

Awesome burgers and meatloaf!

If you have never tried this you are missing some of the best tasting beef around! Give em a chance! Get some steaks to throw on the grill or a roast to put in the oven or crock pot!!! Oh the ground beef makes awesome burgers and meatloaf!!! - Cissy Woods on Facebook

-  Glad you enjoyed the beef from Rooster's!  We appreciate your business

Steak, the best ever!

I like my steaks medium but my husband prefers his well done (well actually he prefers his almost burned to a crisp) but either way we love steaks and have had the opportunity to sit down and eat Rooster's Beef steaks.  AMAZING is what came to mind first then flavor and tender and richness of the meat.  It was the best steak I have had and that is saying something as I only eat meat and steak is my favorite thing.   I am a fan and even the burned steak participant at home loves their meat.  -  The Millers in Slaughters, new fans of Rooster's Beef!

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